Butterfly book and more books flutter to Viwa Island, Fiji

My Name is Butterfly

My Name is Butterfly

I mailed a copy of My Name is Butterfly to Sidney, Australia. Michele Darmanin and her husband recently traveled by boat to a small remote island, Viwa Island, Fiji. She asked a Writers’s Group for children’s book donations. Michele wanted to donate children’s books to start a library at the small school.

She started the project by sending two boxes of used children’s books. The teacher and students were happy and grateful to receive this gift from the heart. I looked on Google and discovered that Fiji has monarch butterflies. How fitting that my monarch butterfly book took wing. Michele will ship my book along with other new children’s book donations to Viwa, Island, Fiji.

The Blue Moon Butterfly on Viwa Island Fiji 02

The Blue Moon Butterfly on Viwa Island Fiji 02

Michele was kind enough to send me a YouTube video that she took of the blue moon butterflies on Viwa Island. In the video the markings look white but they are actually blue. Photo copyright Michele Darmanin.

Take a look at blue moon butterflies from Michele on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnYqTgJrPuc&feature=youtu.be

Butterflies are the symbol of transformation. I am delighted that My Name is Butterfly took flight to manifest this vision of starting a school library.

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