Wisconsin GOP Votes To Break Native American Treaties January 27, 2012

This news come from Segway Jeremy Ryan

This [Iron Ore Min

Iron Ore Mine would leave NW WI with this destruction
Iron Ore Mine would leave NW WI with this destruction

ing] bill is far too broad and allows for a $12 billion mine that would destroy Northern Wisconsin. Northern Wisconsin currently has a lot of natural beauty. There are also several tribes in this area, all of which have Federal peace treaties. Many of the tribes showed up today as the Assembly debated the bill. They worry for their land, their air, and their water. Smaller mines than this one have caused major issues. But rather than work with the tribes and local people, Republican Representative Jeff Stone said it was not his job to provide a seat at the table for tribes. They kept the bill as is.

Tribal land is considered its own sovereign nation. As with every sovereign nation, we have treaties so that we can keep the peace. It was agreed, by treaty, that these tribes would not have their resources infringed upon. This mine, however, would destroy their water and air, breaking the Federal treaty and declaring war on a sovereign nation. Treaties are not optional. The passage of this bill literally and legally declares war on the tribes of the north.

One day longer. One day stronger.

Happy Tonics, Inc., an environmental education organization and public charity,  is standing with the Bad River Reservation to stop the Iron Ore Mine near Bad River Reservation. Personally, I am standing with the tribe because Northwest Wisconsin is my home. I want Northwest Wisconsin to stay pristine for future generations. I do not want the water to become contaminated. I say NO to the Iron Ore Mine. I am a graduate of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College in Hayward, WI.

Read the full article at http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/01/27/wisconsin-gop-votes-to-break-native-american-treaties/




  1. It is my feeling, that Natives are the Natural preservationists’ of this country. I would like to see Natives in every state, oversee the national parks and fisheries dept. with Native history and culture implemented! Of course, I do not expect our government to “make sense”. That is just my wishful thinking?? Not just on tribal property; extend our arm’s around all of the national treasure’s!


  2. This picture is remiscent of the coal that is over the babies head, a Navajos baby. Sometimes, pictures really do say more than words! If they follow thru with this it will strip the land of it’s natural beauty, complete depletion. It just isn’t right. The After pic looks like it has been ravaged by disease, dare I say it, Cancer! The greed, is the real “cancer”.


    1. Thank you for your comment Violet. Your summery is correct. Greed is a real cancer to the Earth. We are aligning ourselves as individuals and as a nonprofit environmental education organization (Happy Tonics) with tribes that are protesting against this terrible mine. Hopefully the treaty rights will protect all of us from a great environmental, cultural and sacred blight to Northwest Wisconsin. Many of us stand together to protect the Earth. It is not ours to destroy. It is ours to protect. I heard a saying recently of a young man asking, “What did you do grandfather when the war for the Earth took place?”


  3. My first question is how much money will the locals make off the mine,and do the tribes have mineral rights? This sounds like another one of those deals where one greedy old dude makes a shit ton, ruins the land, and has never and has no intention of ever living in the area. Then when all is said and done he will be living it up on some yatch
    and the local people get to deal with and clean up his mess at their expense not his….This sounds like a devasting plan for Wisconsin.


    1. Thanks Ken, I expect most employees will come with contracts from the Iron Ore Mine Company. There may be some locals that would be able to work but I don’t have the statistics. Regarding tribes and personal property owner, I don’t have experience with mineral rights. According to one source, “In most nations, minerals underneath private property belong to the national government with jurisdiction over the surface, regardless of who owns the surface. In the United States and a few other nations, however, a private owner of the surface owns the minerals underneath as well, as long as she holds title in “fee simple” (the vast majority of deeds are granted in fee simple.) I don’t know the legalities on mineral rights with fee simple. Information researched at http://www.ehow.com/about_5399583_owns-mineral-rights.html

      I appreciate your comments Ken. You are right about the mines, natural gas/oil companies. They come in and do their work and leave the aftermath and problems to those living in the said environment. You are also right, it is a devastating plan for Wisconsin, one of the last strongholds of a pristine environment in the USA. Most of the environment is pristine because it is in ceded territory of Native American Tribes and Reservations. Native American Tribes are much more involved to protecting natural resources on reservations and in the ceded territory than the Federal Government.

      Read more: Who Owns Mineral Rights? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5399583_owns-mineral-rights.html#ixzz1lAMGzxFe


  4. I live in Sarnia ,ontario,canada.my relatives live in athabaska .I am with you ,because our people in canada are experiencing the same fight for rights as you .


    1. Bless your heart Brenda. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. We are all in this collapse together. We can’t trade the environment, human health nor the health of other species, for a commodity such as dirty fuel. I wish we had more news from Canada. The people could learn that we most likely on the same side. The side of sustainability.


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