A Familiar Moth across the Big Water

Red underwing moth copyright Richard Lord

Red underwing moth copyright Richard Lord

Received an email from Guernsey Wildlife. The moth photo was taken by Richard Lord. He says, “The red underwing is a large moth.  It was seen flying during the day by the National Trust Folk and Costume Museum in Saumarez Park on 26 August. On 1 September it was found dead on the floor of one of the museum rooms.” Submitted by Richard Lord. He hosts a Facebook group page called Guernsey Wildlife. Guernsey is closer to France than the Brithish Crown but belongs to the UK.

I have seen this moth in Northwest Wisconsin, USA. I even saved the wings once that previously belonged to a living being and now was gone. I picked up the wings and tenderly placed them under glass to hopefully identify the moth one day. Now I know it is the Red Underwing Moth. I have always called her beautiful.


  1. Akasa WolfSong said,

    September 5, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    She is beautiful Kindred Sister! I’ve never seen one in Beloit but I shall keep my eyes peeled now that I’ve seen her! 🙂

    In Grandmother Love,

    • September 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm

      Good morning grandmother Akasa,

      Somehow I pressed an enlargement button and will need to find it again to type at least a little smaller but hopefully not as small as the regular Blog type which is too small.

      Yes the Red underwing moth is a beautiful sister. Isn’t it interesting how shy she is and only has a flair of color on underwings? This can be compared to Peruvian Quechua women of the high altiplano Andes Mountains. They wear drab colors as over garments, skirts, for example. But underneath they wear multi layered skirts of brilliant colors. I love the similarity.

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