Rainforest plant developed ‘sonar dish’ to attract pollinating bats

Rainforest plant developed ‘sonar dish’ to attract pollinating bats. I haven’t studied bats as pollinators but I am intrigued by a plant that developed ‘sonor dish’ to vibrate sound to draw bats near. Bats can’t see like butterflies and native bees so other devices had to attract them to night blooming plants such as ‘sonar dish’. Mind blowing.


  1. Wow…that truly is mind blowing but so in keeping with how the plants and animals are so much more attuned to Mother Earth than we are.
    I pray we evolve in a holy manner like our Plant and Animal Kingdoms do.


  2. The communication between human and animal is thrilling also if we learn from the silence of nature when communication is happening. Also I have been wafted by perfume from plants and I felt it was their way of thanking me for not picking the blossoms. This was a story I wrote. I need to dig it up and post it. Evening primrose was published a few years ago at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College online. When I recreated a new Website it was gone. How could the world ever get so far away from Mother Earth and not undersand that we are all related. Namaste.

  3. I quite agree…there have been many times in my life when sitting in the silence in nature I have been given a particular message from the flying ones as well as plants and most especially stones. Lately since I’ve been more and more aligned with Water I hear the laughter coming from Her, Her singing her sing-song…whether it be sadness and sorrow or just plain delight. My Grandmother always spoke to her plants and so it comes quite naturally to me and I do the same. I’ve a wonderful little Hummingbird that I’ve named Beauty who comes to see me and feed here many times a day and I gently approach her spirit in my heart’s song and wish her another day of safety and love. She can move me to tears some days. 🙂

    I’d really love to hear your story of Evening Primrose! I’ll bet it is moving, and wonderful.

    Wishing for You a Day of Peace and Love…

    1. Hi Akasa,

      Sorry I am so late in responding. Cindy Dyer was here from Washinton, DC. She is our Graphic Desinger and we were photographing habitat and other natural wonders for the past week. Now I am settling into another pace. I am so happy you know the depth of feeling for birds and all of creation. I too have been brought to tears by the sheer joy of experiencing and communicating with the natural world.

      Talk soon,
      Mary Ellen

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