Morning Reflections

Wren house 2011 with occupant wren family.

June 24, 2011 – After five days of rain, I was excited to get outside and see my gardens this morning. I am grateful for the rain. Surely it is helping to replenish the water table in Northwest Wisconsin. I walked over to one garden and heard a lot a chirping from a bird house. The parent birds have been flying in and out of the bird house for weeks.  Now I hear a lot of chirping from the little ones. I can’t imagine the size of the babies when I see how small the wren is.

Will be back later with National Bee Count totals. We were able to post on Facebook and received responses from MO, MN, WI and Nova Scotia so far.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.


  1. Bird blessings! For 4 or 5 years, the vines right outside our bedroom window were just right for sparrow nesting, and we could see the whole magical cycle of courting, nesting, and sparrow babies growing and leaving the nest at very close range… then repeated once, sometimes twice during the rest of the summer. It was always 2 females and 1 male… the male would leave the nest first with his sisters watching every move intently as he’d cling to a vine a few inches away… and by the end of the day, they’d all be taking little short flights.

    Then the vines grew more and they nested too far up to see well, but we could still hear. During a drought summer, no sparrows around — must have gone down to the park-with-stream nearby. The weather losing its usual seasons seemed confusing to them, too — they’d try to build too early (late February, a couple of years ago!) but the nest would fall apart because what they needed wasn’t ready yet… or they’d get a nest put together and were sitting on eggs (March? early April?) then big cold would return, and it didn’t work.

    They’re such a treasure! Back before the vines reached window height, a lot of sparrows lived in the cedar bushes below the window. I loved hearing their little chortles when they settlerd in at night, then completely different, light little sounds in pre-dawn, like they were rinsing out the night.

    Sometimes during the day, they’d have emphatic conversations, like an argument, lots of flying here and there. A few weeks ago, I saw an actual fierce, beak-to-beak fight, reminding me that we’re not the only ones feeling all these intensifying changes.


  2. Dearest Worth, I am beginning to see patterns with people’s participation in the dialogue. Your witnessing makes my heart heavy as I am learning about animals, birds and insects friends who are experiencing difficulty with what appears to be results of Climate Change. It is witnessing like yours that acknowledge that something is wrong. Citizens are recording about decline of birds, butterflies and bees.

    Your story is so sweet when the little birds had a safe home. Now with migration patterns being off, it is hard to witness some of the changes like coming to DC area too early to properly build a nest. Or simply being in a place that is not ready for them with growing plants.


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