NEWS Southern Route of Mother Earth Water Waters getting close


Artesian well in the woods where I get my drinking water.

Artesian well in the woods where I get my drinking water.

Karen De Main from Mother Earth Water Walkers called today. She said the southern route will be at Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Ojibwe Reservation on Saturday. They will come from New Post to Reserve and then walk on Trepania Road where the tribal college is. Sandy Stein and I plan to meet hopefully in the parking lot at approximately 9 a.m. and wait for the Water Walkers there.

We will join them at this point and walk to the Pow Wow grounds passing the Tribal Offices and Grade School. Ceremony and feasting will take place on the Honor the Earth Pow Wow grounds. It is a thrilling moment for all water sisters and brothers as Grandmother Josephine Mandamin comes to LCO from far away Canada. She has been on the Sacred Water Walk since April 10.

At long last I will be able to walk with the Grandmothers and Water Brothers and Sisters and stand in solidarity to protect Mother Earth’s precious blood so that future generations will have access to free and flowing fresh water. Water is a gift of the Creator and needs to be respected by all people.

I truly believe the movement is now galvanized from this sacred heart beat and is reaching out to the world and the world is waking up to the issue of water being a gift not a commodity to be sold or polluted.



  1. bertha somers said,

    June 7, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    i live in lco and have been trying very hard to keep up with the water walk but there is almost no local sentiment for this. none of my friends or neighbors even knew this was going on. i think between the tribal office wojb and the grapevine that works so hard during elections, lco could have tried a little harder to let peopl know they were coming! i just happened to be drivig down the same road and was privileged enough to show my children and they asked me why there wasnt a bigger supporting croud behind them? i was so ashamed at our leadership. its almost like the top elite families have access to information like this and the rest of us who arent photogenic enough nneed not be notified. wtf lco?

    • June 8, 2011 at 2:08 pm

      Miigwetch Bertha. Your comments are an important. Change can only happen with each individual speaks his or her truth. I thank you for yours. I was proud that several elders and younger veterans came out to applaud as we walked by or rode in vehicles to await our turn to carry the sacred water that came all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. One veteran was in a wheel chair and he too took his turn. Sandy Stein told me of a young mother and daughter who came to LCO to be part of the walk. The little girl told her mother this was very important. The mother listened and drove to WI from SD. Their vehicle was on its last leg, needed oil, but still she was going to see this through before going to a gas station. It is witnessing like this that make us proud of the human race who is trying to save Mother Earth and be reconnected once again to the precious gift that we given us. Bless your heart.

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