Walking the walk: Mother Earth Water Walkers raise awareness of water

Walking the walk: Mother Earth Water Walkers raise awareness of water – MinotDailyNews.com | News, sports, business, jobs – Minot Daily News

Vulnerable White Trillium Lily

This year’s Water Four Directions Mother Earth Water Walkers is imperative as we realize we must honor water which is sacred and a gift to all living species. Please support the many who are walking and will converge at Bad River Reservation on June 12. A council guide from the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites plans to attend. We hope that several women from the Water Ceremony group of Minong, WI, will attend also.

The vulnerable white trillium lily of early spring grows in the sweet woods. The sounds of happy gurgling water and singing birds gladdens the heart. Sweet watercress grows in the stream where the water spills out into a pure stream. Watercress will not grow in unpure water.

We must protect our local drinking water sources. After seeing Blue Gold, I am going to ask my village where the water source is and where the sewage goes. The film suggests we do this to be informed about our own community water supply.


  1. I will write this down on my calendar and support in prayer and my own personal water ceremony in Beloit. A’HO!

    Many Blessings to WaterKeepers everywhere!


    1. Wonderful Akasa. I have been following Grandmother Josephine and the Water Walkers around the Great Lakes for a few years now always wanting to be part of the Sacred Walk. My heart was pulled towards protecting water. I never dreamed I too would be called to become a Council Guide for the Sisterhood of Planetry Water Rites. Everything is connected and we are all part of the Web of Life. Miigwetch for being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Water is the life blood of Mother Earth. I will think of you on June 12.

      Blessings, Memengwaa Ikway


  2. Greetings Akasa, I have added your name to typed list of women who stated they will be with us in spirit today for the Mother Earth Water Walkers. I am placing the names in a small butterfly beaded medicine bag that I will wear along with a glass necklace that Worth Cooley-Prost made especially for water. Today we will hopefully all meet up at Lac Courte Oreillies Reservation where the Water Walkers will be walking to the Honor the Earth Pow Wow grounds.


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