Bird blown on the winds of time

Today in Minong, Wisconsin, USA, the winds blew approximately 40 mph. It was enough to snatch a baby bird from its nest and hurl the small bird down in my back yard. From where the bird was carried is a mystery. I saw the baby bird on the lawn from my window and went out to investigate. The fledgling got scared and tried to fly. The bird could only make minute flights close to the ground. I kept my eye on the bird throughout the day.

Early this afternoon I went out and saw that the baby was not moving. The bird opened and blinked its eyes and I knew that it lived; however, I also knew that it could not fly now. Perhaps it suffered some internal injury. I sang the baby bird an honor song. Then I found a live worm and carried it to the bird on a straw strand. I thought the bird might be hungry and thirsty. At this point I also brought a small lid filled with water to tempt the bird.

baby bird
Farewell baby bird

  By 4 p.m. the baby bird had died. I bent down and kissed its tiny head the color of fall leaves. It felt warm. The body was black with tinges of blue and green.  The color could only be seen from a close position.  The bird with closed eyes blew over and I noticed one foot curled and the other straight. I dug a hole and gently placed the small bird in along with sacred tobacco that was used in earlier morning ceremony prayers.

I thought about the mother. She would never know what happened to her baby bird and my heart wept.


  1. In honoring the life of this baby bird you have honored all living things by your gentleness, comfort, and blessing…Bless you Dear One for this honoring and respect of Mother Earth’s Beloved Ones!

    In Cascading Love,


    1. Good morning Akasa,

      Thank you for your heart felt words. Yesterday we went out gathering fiddlehead ferns. Did you see the Full Moon last night? The moon was so beautiful and I sat out at the picnic table for awhile until it got too cold. Blessing, Memengwaa Ikway (Butterfly Woman) Mary Ellen


  2. Beloved Memengwaa Ikway,

    I did see Grandmother’s most beautiful full face! She was spectacular! I felt as if I could reach up and hug her and certainly wanted to do so, lol! Her energies have been spectacular this month….I hope you are basking in them as I have been. Soon the temps will be such that we can sit out under Her for as long as we like to bask in Her gloriousness.
    Bless You on your journey…
    Akasa WolfSong


    1. Dear Grandmother friend Akasa,

      I too could feel the love of the beautiful full moon this month. Sh looked even more radient with an aurea of light projecting out around her much more than I have ever seen before. It was as if she was pouring out her love for all of us to see. I felt the moon was closer also and just wanted to do ceremony then and there. I did Tai chi to her and I feel she was honored. It is a blessing that the two of us were witnesses to the cosmic energy of the moon. I too can hardly wait to have a small fire and sit outside with the cosmos and beloved universe.

      Blessed day,
      Memengwaa Ikway


    1. Dear Daniel,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. We have a choice in this world to be either part of the solution or to be the problem. Blessings to you at Vine House Farm. I am looking forwarding to visiting the site on the Internet. Greetings from across the big water. I have published with Cornwall Butterfly Conservation in the past. We have also published their butterfly conservation work in the USA.


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