Monarch Butterfly Chatbook – Epilogue


You will learn by studying the monarch butterfly that we need to take care of the littlest of creatures and the plants that sustain them. Plant native perennial host plants, wildflowers and grasses that promote biodiversity. Science has learned that monoculture crops can cause harm to pollinators.  When we create a butterfly garden of plants that sustain the monarch butterfly, in return the butterfly gives us beauty, a sense of wonder and regeneration of the Earth.

I have seen many monarch butterflies come and go during my 65 years. I hope you too will be blessed by seeing monarch butterflies in your own lifetime. This book was written with adults and teachers in mind. Share the pages with children at home, school, Boys and Girls Clubs, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and at children hospitals. You become the teachers now. Teach the children well.

It is important to stay connected with nature all through our lives. Recommend this book to home gardeners, Master Gardeners, garden clubs, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Americans of all ages are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. People are spending more time indoors and losing a connection with the natural world.  We are putting future generations at risk of being deprived of nature that supports life on the Planet Earth. We won’t be given a second chance. It is time to think beyond ourselves and protect the monarch butterfly migration for future generations.



  1. It is so very important to pay attention. I heard a comment the other day that we need to pay attention to the animals, they are like bricks in a building. As they become extinct and one by one the bricks fall, so will the entire structure.


    1. JoAnn, Thanks so much for your comment. I have been in Minong and don’t use email there. It is my retreat. Now I am in Shell Lake and the workload is calling. Yes, check out the Hopi Elders message and Grandmother Whitedeer and Dr. Emoto’s message about water in Japan. We will remember to pray for Japan tomorrow at 12 Noon around the world. I am sure you will join us from Ohio. This is the message – we need to pay attention. The Earth is going through a great cleansing.


  2. For some rasson I could’s add the End references. I think it is because there were too many URLs to link. For a printed verson on the Monarch Butterfly Chatbook, I am hoping I can redo the project after I add the photographs to the Chatbook.
    One step at a time.


  3. I’ve very much enjoyed reading this chap book…it brought some info to me I hadn’t known before and now that I know I will do better! I so agree we all suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder!

    Thank You for all that you do and share!
    Many Blessings!


  4. Thank you Akasa. I agonized over this and how to get the word out about the importance of pollinators. I will add photos when I ever come up for air. For now I am so honored that you enjoyed learning from the writing. May we all know butterflies and native plants in our lives alone with all pollinators.


  5. Great Post thank you 😀
    thought you might like my machinima film the butterflys tale ~

    bright blessings
    elf ~


    1. Dearest Elf, I am so in awe of your work. You speak through poetry of words, music and animation and touch the very center of my Being with the same message and new by visual teaching through your videos. I love your work. I will post link on our website at

      I have already posted to Facebook, Twitter. I hope this message goes around the world to enlighten people with awareness of how fragile it is for pollinators now. The butterfly is a creature of transformation as you know. When we give our love to the butterfly as we do, the butterfly gives us the ability to share the knowledge of the pollinators with others who we hope will be transformed too. Stay in touch. Bless your heart, Mary Ellen


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