Discover Wisconsin TV promotes Washburn County Wisconsin

Hello insectamonraca friends,

Happy to report that Happy Tonics is on TV now with a short clip of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat. Diane Dryden, board member, did the interview and tour of habitat with the film crew from Discover Wisconsin. You will see a portion of Victoria Zalatoris art sign, “Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden.”

Enjoy the 1/2 hour program at

Washburn County is a four season tourist attraction. Come to Shell Lake and we’ll show you a fun time. The Monarch Butterfly Habitat is along side an ATV trail and there is a path within the habitat.  The sanctuary is located along highway 63 coming to Shell Lake from Spooner, WI. It is on the lakeside and two blocks from downtown Shell Lake.


  1. I live in Southern Wisconsin right on the border…unfortunately I am unable to drive on the Highway any longer. I would love to come for a visit! Trying to pin someone down to actually drive me there is another story altogether, lol!

    Good Luck on all of your endeavors…they are very much needed!

    With honor and respect,


    1. Hi Akasa, I am like you. I only drive in a small radius of country roads in Northwest Wisconsin. Highways are beyond me too. I would love for you to come. Up here we don’t even have busses, trains or anything alternative. We will just have to be kindred relatives from the far away. I am happy we meet here.


    1. Nice to see you here Discover Wisconsin TV for Washburn County. Thanks for promoting Happy Tonics Butterfly Garden in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, also known as the Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden. The site is a restored remnant native tallgrass prairie on one half acre, lakeside. Land is owned by the City of Shell Lake. Keep up the good work. We want visitors to come and feel welcome in Washburn County. Let visitors flutter to the Monarch Butterfly Habitat which is two blocks from downtown. There is a community here that loves to meet our visitors. Welcome!


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