Art and Spiritual Quilts

Please visit or http://www.sacredarts.infoto to see Carol Bridges beautiful quilts. This is fiber art at its best. Many are already sold. We think you will love her work. In honor of the water and dedicated to women who are the protectors of water, we are showcasing Carol’s quilt on our Blog. The quilt Emergence is a prayer to protect all water species especially after  the oil contamination in the Gulf of Mexico.

Emergence by Carol Bridges
Emergence by Carol Bridges
Carol Bridges quilt Emergence
Carol Bridges quilt Emergence
“Emergence”  is an homage to the creatures of the Gulf of Mexico. May all the fish and turtles and dolphins, whales and others be lifted from their suffering, their souls again returned to the Mother of the Sea. 30″ x 30″. $1200.

There is a connection between the monarch butterfly and the creatures and plants of the Gulf. Many monarchs willl be flying through the gulf area and we wish them good speed to the other side as they return to Mexico. Here is a poem from the 18th century Polish poet Ignacy Krasicki:

The Wagon-Driver and the Butterfly

A wagon got stuck in the mud, and couldn’t move.
The driver was tired, the horse exhausted.
A butterfly, sitting on the wagon, thought:
“I’m told compassion is a virtue.”
He flew off, calling back to the wagon-driver:
“Now get going, bless you!”

Source: Ken Parejko, Monarch of the Butterflies, page 88.


  1. Thank you so much for displaying my art quilt, “Emergence.” Interested persons can reach my website directly by typing or I am open to making special arrangements to contribute a quilt at a substantial discount and which can then be either auctioned off or raffled by the non-profit groups whose work is of benefit to the planet in order to make money for the group. In this way, we are both supported in our planetary work. Blessings to all. Carol


    1. Thank you Carol. I am happy you have a direct Website. I will edit copy now and insert into text. I am pleased that the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites is building a links page for all our stores so that clients can see the beautiful work we are doing on the planet for Mother Earth. We have a physical Visitors Center/Store in Shell Lake, WI and a virtual store on eBay. We are building a network of like minded women who have beautiful crafts and art to sell to support us while we give ourselves to a Higher Purpose beyond ourselves. My Best, Memengwaa Ikway (Butterfly Women)


  2. Wendy Allen says:

    I own two of Carol Bridges’s quilts and have seen many. They communicate/resonate the consciousness of Presence.
    Wendy Allen


    1. Greetings Wendy, I am thrilled you own two of Carol Bridges’s quilts. I agree they are a consciousness gift and we can see the presence in her textile art. Thank you for commenting. Sorry this took so long to get back to you. I thought I had already addressed this comment. Mary Ellen


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