Tonya Whitedeer of the Sisters of the Planetary Water Rites in California sent the following excerpted email:

Pure Shell Lake in Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Pure Shell Lake in Shell Lake, Wisconsin

  I wish I was not writing to tell you that the Gulf of Mexico is experiencing an epic oil spill.  I wish we were not witnessing what may become the largest oil spill in US history.  I am asking for your help.  I am calling for a group meditation on Sunday evening.  (Of course…any time you love water…whether today or tomorrow or Sunday…it will make a difference…so join when you can.)

I am calling for a miracle.  Let’s join in a meditation to cap the oil leak Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. Pacific & AZ time. I feel that this oil spill has served to wake us up.  Maybe this will allow us to refocus, and find a better solution to meet our energy needs.  For that awakening, we give thanks.  Our hearts open to the families who have experienced loss, and trauma.  Our hearts embrace all life in the area affected; people, wildlife, flora and water.

Shell Lake and diminishing water table due in part to Climate Change
Shell Lake and diminishing water table due in part to Climate Change

  Grandmother and water sister Tonya Whitedeer says, “Invite the Spirit of Water to be fully present and enlivened and one with the Spirit of the Gulf of Mexico.”  Turn your thoughts and prayers towards purity of water and to cap the oil leak Sunday evening 5 p.m. Pacific & AZ time, 6 p.m. Mountain time, Central standard time 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern standard time.  Let’s stand in solidarity and prayer for five minutes and give our healing energy to water.  Tell the water that you love her and are doing your part to protect her insectamonarca friends where ever you live.

Memengwaa Ikway


  1. Joined your meditation for the Gulf Waters this evening. Seeing purifying violet flames swirling the oil out of the water and into the air where it dissolved into Light. The dolphins swim and swirl the waters, the birds fly likewise. All Light beings assist. The waters are restored to pristine blue green purity. The dolphins and whales celebrate and are on the news. Humanity understands the connection to Nature. One heart. One mind. One spirit. Namaste.


  2. Greetings:
    As we approach the World Prayers for Water Day we are setting the tone with thoughts of prayers and entents for which to pray upon our blessed water bowl…
    Here in the North West we will end out ceremony at the Pacific Ocean and present to our Mother’s Ocean Waters our blessed waters sent to us from all over the world…..
    I know that with all of our efforts combined energies…”WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!” let us enclude our children so that they too will learn that they have our support and visions of a safe future will be held within their hearts…AHO..Water Blessings and Honey in the Heart..T. Whitedeer.


    1. Thank you Water Sister Tonya. It is raining in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and has been since the heaven’s opened up and have been blessing us since Saturday. It is now Thursday, May 13. I will represent Shell Lake and carry sacred water from the sky in my yard where it falls and bring to the lake on May 18, World Prayer Day for Mother Water.


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