A Plea for Bees

Bee on sunflower
Bees love sunflowers.

CJA Bradshaw of www.ConservationBytes.com recently emailed this important video on bees which he blogged on his site.  Happy Tonics, Inc. is recruiting for a beekeeper, hopefully one of our local elders, to come and speak at the May 6 Environmental Film Festival and Event at the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College, in Hayward, Wisconsin.  We want to offer students and the community an opportunity to come to Shell Lake and learn about beekeeping from the elders.

I realize that this video is long.  It is worth listening to.  Each of us can make a habitat for the bees.  Happy Tonics created the Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake to teach about the pollinators and the plight of the monarch butterfly and now the bees, including our native bees and the beloved bumble bee.

Plant a garden be it crops or flowers and nature will thank you.  One third of the world’s food crop is dependent upon pollination.  Let’s work together to make a home for the bees. 

 CJA Bradshaw

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