Making Butter the Old Fashioned Way

making butter
Real butter hand made from cream

My friend Sandy Stein said, “You can make butter from Teresa’s organic milk.”  I didn’t have a clue how to do this but I bought a half gallon of organic milk from Springbrook Organic Daily.  Dahlstrom’s grocery in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, sells this cream line milk.  It is absolutely delicious.

 The first time I tried to make butter, I poured the cream in a glass bottle and shook the bottle for over a half hour and nothing happened.  Then I mentioned my experience to the elders where I live and one said, “You need to let the milk get to room temperature first.”  The next time I tried the same experiment with room temperature milk and the cream formed butter.

Granted I didn’t make that much butter but I was so proud of myself.   I too can make butter the old fashioned way.  


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