Researching the link between the environment and human health

Wild bergamot is a native plant in Northwest Wisconsin.

Native bumble bees love this plant

I just finished reading a blog on WordPress that understands the connection between the environment and human health.  Please visit and read the article Sick environment sick people. 

Biodiversity becomes critical when one thinks of the monarch butterfly and what the butterfly is teaching us.  Degradation of the environment can kill the butterfly and growing food to monoculture and genetically engineered crops is directly linked to the butterfly and all other pollinators let alone human health.

Scientific America recently reported that monoculture is harming pollinators because bees, butterflies and other insects need biodiversity of nectar plants for health.  People too need biodiveristy of crops for nutrition with a full range of vitamins and minerals.  Reducing a crop to only certain growing and selling characteristics degrades the nutritional value of food.


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    CJAB said 1 day ago:
    Thank you for the support, InsectaMonarca – more along this line will feature on in the near future.

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